Mount Massive Golf Colorse Leadville, Colorado $$

Mount Massive Golf Colorse Leadville, Colorado

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Possibly one of the most beautifully placed golf courses on the Planet – Mount Massive Golf Course is located just South and West of downtown Leadville. It’s 9-hole course is nestled on the edge of wilderness area, so you get a great combination of open and wooded areas on the course.

The main challenge with Mount Massive Golf Course is to beat the weather. We have often times been rained out on late afternoon games, so play it safe and get there before it gets too late in the day. The course itself is challenging, especially when you find yourself more focused on the amazing views from every angle than the game itself….

Well worth whatever they are charging these days, Mount Massive Golf Course is one of the best courses around. Completely secluded and private, this is the highest golf course in North America at 9,680 feet and is surrounded by two of Colorado’s highest mountain peaks.

Mount Massive Golf Course Leadville, Colorado

259 County Rd 5

Leadville, CO 80461


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